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Airpods pro 2

Why You Should Upgrade to Airpods Pro 2 

The Apple Airpods Pro series is known in the market for its richer audio experience. When compared to any audio devices in the market, the Apple Airpods Pro series stands out in its design, look and feel. But what made this series one of the most loved in the world was its active noise cancellation and adaptive transparency features. 

Now, in September Apple launched the Airpods Pro 2 (2nd Generation) and the tech world has erupted into a chaotic buzz. You can see reviews that are saying why you should buy the new iPhone 14, should we go for the new Airpods Pro 2, what makes it so better than other products in the range and much more.

So, we have decided to make life easier for our customers by bringing together all the great features of the Apple Airpods Pro2 here. We will describe everything you need to know about this Pro 2 -2nd generation so that you can easily decide whether this update is really worth an upgrade.

Well, let’s get started now.


One of the most important things about any headset is its design. The way it comfortably fits into your ear and the invisibility it offers you when listening to music and answering calls. The look of AirPods Pro 2nd Gen is pretty much the same at first look. The look and build however offers a new XS ear tip option that sorts out any fitting issues the user may have. Another addition to this version of the AirPods is the touch slider for controlling volume on each piece. The four pairs of silicon tips in the new version guarantees a sealed environment to focus easily on whatever you are listening to. 


One of the significant technological upgrades that has happened in 2nd Gen AirPods is the H2 chip. The H2 chip compared to the H1 chip brings to the new Airpods active noise cancellation, adaptive transparency mode, unbelievable acoustic experiences, etc. What it has done to the whole device in enhancing the user experiences will be revealed when the Airpods roll out into the markets.



The Active Noise Cancellation is now taking a new turn with the H2 chip combining with the new software integration to provide highly effective and focused listening experience. 


Bringing 3-dimensional audio effects to group calls and other rappers so that FaceTime will let you feel like talking in the same room or alongside your friends and family.


A unique technological design to adapt the sound level you hear by checking the fitness of the Airpods with your ear and then boosting and amplifying the sounds or minimizing them to give you a constant listening frequency under any circumstances.


The charging case is another powerful feature. It makes listening on the move so easy for the users. They boost your battery life to up to 6 hours without case and up to 30 hours with the case.


The case can be easily located as the U1 chip attached makes the case speak for itself, so that you can spot it easily. Being sweat and water-resistant it offers you a lot.


Share audio between two sets of Airpods. All you need to do is bring the pods closer to the iPhone, iPad or Apple TV that you are watching and it gets clicked-in instantly. 


Share your AirPods Pro to the Apple devices near you by just bringing them on your screen.


Share a song on your TV show in AirPods by just bringing them near your Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.


Considering the price of the Apple AirPods Pro 2 at $249 dollars the upgrades are worth it. Longer performance, clever integration of technology. With twice the effectiveness in noise cancellation than the previous versions and 1.5 hours extra playtime in comparison, tailor listening with True Depth camera audio spatial absorption, all this forms a strong case for your upgrade to the new Apple Airpods Pro-2 Apple Airpods Pro-2

Start your move now and experience the power of Apple’s technological prowess.


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MQD83Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation, MQD83Color :White