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If you are looking at what all the excitement is about.
It’s about Nothing.
Well, it’s about “a nothing.”
Yes, we are talking about the new smartphone brand from the founder and ex-employee of OnePlus Carl Pei.

Nothing is a mobile startup that’s all set to bring a fresh look and feel to smartphones. Carl Pei thinks that smartphones have all become boring. According to Carl Pei the consumers think that the tech companies are always holding features back to have something to launch the next season. And according to him this isn’t the truth and hence it shows that customers want more and are bored with the present models.

Nothing’s Brand Theme

Nothing’s founder Carl Pei reveals his idea brand’s theme in an interview.
He says that today the smartphone industry is filled with products from a few big companies. And these companies derive their technology roadmaps from associate companies like Qualcomm, Samsung Display, Sony,etc. Indeed they do a lot of consumer research and market study. But the fundamental point Pei highlights is that after all this research and analysis they create phones that look perfect on paper. But the problem is everyone is using the same data and the same analytical methods. Where’s the newness in this is what he points out. And he is right to an extent. Because the response the Nothing brand is getting to break away from this stereotype design is immense. 

Nothing’s First Release - Ear 1

The new earbuds that were released by Nothing called the ear(1) have a groundbreaking design and supercool functionalities. And reviews are saying that the “hype indeed wasn’t all for nothing”. 

The Nothing Ear 1 is a great attempt at bringing the lightest and most comfortable earbuds to the tech world. At 4.7 g they are comfy, and have active noise-cancellation, great sound quality and an impeccable microphone. 

As you can see the transparent design of Nothing Ear 1, it shows what they promised in its design which is “reveal the raw beauty of technology.” To describe it is a compact device with a small divot that holds earbuds in place along with a magnet. The left and right earbuds can be distinguished with the white and red dots. They come in white as well as new matte black.

The controls are through intuitive touch that can play/pause, skip to the next song, control volume and activate the active noise cancellation. The stunning feature is the automatic detection when the earbud is plugged in and plays audios and pauses when removed.

The device lasts for 4 hours 30 minutes with ANC turned on and 6 hours with it turned off. With the case, there is a scope of nearly 34 hours of total playback. The fast charging helps 60 minutes playback over just 10 minutes charging.

All these features and much more for just 99$ is something that packs a punch.

The Next Nothing Update - Phone 1

The next big thing in line for Nothing is the Phone 1 launch. With Ear 1 having been sold more than 560,000 pairs already the company is all set for its first smartphone.

Nothing calls it its most important product. And like everything, it stands for. The hype it has created in the market across the globe is not small too. 

In a pre-reveal in March, the phone was seen running on a customized version of Android. Everyone is waiting with bated breath as this co-founder of OnePlus  

-which changed the way higher-end technology paired up with low prices- might pull up another wonder in the smartphone market.

Carl Pei left OnePlus in 2020 and said he was starting a new venture that would shake up the smartphone industry through a novel design approach. It partnered with a Swedish company, called Teenage Engineering.

Phone-1 What to Expect and What not-to

The upcoming phone from Nothing is simply named Phone-1. The details are still scattered and there is not one perfect description available. But the following things have been confirmed :
One, Phone-1 will run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon platform.
Second, it will be more of a streamlined version of Android which has been minimized to bare essentials and hence the name Nothing.
Third, you can get a preview which is downloadable on certain android smartphones.
And the fourth and the most important one, Nothing Phone-1 is all set to release this July 22.

Don’t expect an entirely something-you-have-never-seen kind of smartphone. 
That’s what Pie says, and he thinks the better side of the phone lines in the design side. Where some of the features are absolutely unseen. For example, the glowing LEDs. It uses 900 LEDs arranged across the back creating a stunner of a notification system. The in-built software system also comes with options to switch between glow and ringtone patterns. 

Stay Tuned . . . 

The release is now just in a few days and Nothing promises us a smartphone that is designed for faster delivery and a smooth and personal experience. You can pre-order your Phone-1 at our online store. What part will live up-to-the hype is yet to be seen. But as they say, hope is a good thing and no good thing ever disappoints. The same goes with Nothing and its Phone-1 launch. Book your Nothing phone at Shopkees and experience the power of design and technology.