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D-Link AX6000 Wi-Fi 6 Router DIR-X6060
Brand : D-Link

D-Link AX6000 Wi-Fi 6 Router DIR-X6060

Brand : D-Link

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Number Of Ports : 4 Port
Speed : Up to 6000 Mbps
Type : Wireless
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The Future is Unstoppable.Your Wi-Fi Should Be Too.

Most common Wi-Fi standards in use today simply aren’t built to support the multiple devices and IoT gadgets in the Smart Home of the future.
The EXO Wi-Fi 6 AX6000 Router gives you the quantum leap in speed, capacity and bandwidth you need for a Smart Home that responds, reacts, and interacts faster than you ever dreamed possible. It’s the future of Wi-Fi in your Smart Home today.

More Wi-Fi for Your Bajillion Smart Home Devices (And Counting)

You can’t see it, but you can feel it. All your Smart Home gadgets and personal devices are turning your Smart Home into one incredibly device-intensive, Wi-Fi-hungry beast.
Feed the Wi-Fi beast with the EXO Wi-Fi 6 AX6000 Router today, and give every single connected device the Wi-Fi it deserves.

Mind-Blowing Speed

Get the most out of your Wi-Fi with the EXO Wi-Fi 6 AX6000 Router that fully uses both Wi-Fi bands (2.4GHz + 5 GHz). It comes with 1024 QAM to boost throughput to devices by up to 25%, and 160 MHz contiguous channel bandwidth. All this adds up to ridiculously fast combined speeds of up to 6,000 Mbps (1,200 Mbps + 4,800 Mbps) = 2.3 times faster than 11ac.
Powerful enough to handle lag-free 4K streaming, VR gaming, and Cloud storage simultaneously with ease.

Got a Crazy Fast Internet Connection? 

The 100/1000/2500 Mbps Multi-Gigabit Ethernet WAN port unlocks the full potential of your fiber or cable broadband connection, enabling speeds up to a whopping 2.5 Gbps. There's also link aggregation on two of the Gigabit LAN ports, giving you up to 2 Gbps of total wired bandwidth. 

Unleash More Processing Power with Quad-Core

Powerful 1.8 GHz quad-core processor gives you more power to handle multiple ongoing high-intensity applications from all your Smart Home and personal devices with ease.

Boosting Smart Home Network Efficiency

The EXO Wi-Fi 6 AX6000 Router drastically reduces latency and boosts network efficiency especially for latency-prone smart sensors and other sensor-based smart home devices. Perfect for kicking overall device performance and responsiveness up a notch.

Slashing Signal Interference in Ultra Device Dense Homes

Stream YouTube, Netflix and Plex to your TV lag-free even while your other smart devices work quietly in the background with no interference. The EXO Wi-Fi 6 AX6000 Router significantly reduces signal interference, giving you more consistent connections every time.

Works with the Google Assistant & Alexa

Turn on/off your guest Wi-Fi, ask for your guest Wi-Fi credentials, reboot your router or update your firmware. Do it ALL hands-free using voice commands. Just speak the words of command to your Google Assistant or Alexa, and the router bends your Smart Home Wi-Fi to your will (without you having to lift a finger). Perfect for when you’ve got your hands full entertaining guests or just want to wow them with your Smart Wi-Fi.


Brand D-Link
Model Number DIR-X6060
Number Of Ports 4 Port
Speed Up to 6000 Mbps
Type Wireless
weight 2.00 kg
Wireless Speed 6000 Mbps (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz)
SDRAM 512 MB x 2 (1 GB)
Flash 128 MB
Antenna Type 8x Detachable External Antennas (4x4 + 4x4)
Package Dimension (W, H, L ) in cm 30 x 30 x 30
SKU NT003334