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Insta 360 One RS 4K Sports Action Camera
Brand : Insta360

Insta 360 One RS 4K Sports Action Camera

Brand : Insta360

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Color : Black
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Insta 360 One RS 4K Sports Action Camera

  • 4K Boost Lens:Zero in on the action with the 4K Boost Lens. Rugged and durable, with a new 1/2" 48MP image sensor for more detailed 4K 60fps videos and 48MP photos.
  • 48MP Photo:4x more megapixels. Capture the extra detail those picture-perfect moments deserve, with better colors and lighting.
  • 6K Widescreen Mode:Shoot ultra-detailed 6K footage that would look right at home in a Hollywood movie, with a classic 2.35:1 ratio for widescreen viewing.
  • 5.7K 360 Lens:Shoot first, point later. Capture the action from all angles, then choose what to focus on after with 360 reframing. Use it with the Invisible Selfie Stick for impossible third-person view shots.
  • 5.3K 1-Inch Lens:Co-engineered with Leica, the 1-Inch Wide Angle Lens has the largest image sensor of any action camera. Shoot 5.3K wide-angle footage with precise details and lifelike colors—even in low light.
  • Invisible Selfie Stick:Don't ruin the view with an ugly selfie stick! The 360 Lens makes the Invisible Selfie Stick totally disappear from your shots for impossible drone-like footage. Magic!
  • Third-Person View:Doing something epic but nobody around to help you take the shot? Capture insane third-person perspectives with the Invisible Selfie Stick. Guaranteed to get people asking "how did you film that.
  • FlowState Stabilization: Buttery smooth image stabilization, no matter what lens you use. The powerful RS Core now delivers FlowState stabilization in camera when paired with the wide-angle lenses. No editing needed.
  • Horizon Lock:Perfectly level shots, no matter how much you tilt your cam. All three lenses support 360° horizon leveling.
  • Active HDR:An innovative new HDR video mode for action sports. Active HDR on the 4K Boost Lens keeps your video stabilized as you move, while keeping details in the highlights and shadows for more vibrant footage.
  • Slow Mo:Slow down the action up to 8x with the 4K Boost Lens, or pan around and focus on a killer moment with 4x slow-mo on the 360 Lens.


Brand Insta360
Model Number oners
Color Black
weight 0.14 kg
Aperture F2.0
Focal Length 7.2mm
Photo Resolution 6080x3040
Video Resolution 5760x2880@30/25/24fps
Photo Modes Standard;HDR;Interval;Night Shot;Starlapse;Burst;PureShot
Video Modes Standard Video; HDR; Timelapse;TimeShift;Bullet Time;Loop Recording
Run Time 82 minutes
Max. Video Bitrate 100Mbps
Gyroscope 6-axis Gyroscope
Live Streaming 360 Live;Reframe Live (streamer sets a fixed perspective)
Exposure Value ±4EV
ISO Range Photo-100-3200
Battery Capacity 1445mAh
Charging Method USB Type-C
Charging Time 70 minutes (powered off)
Package Dimension (W, H, L ) in cm 7.01 x 4.9 x 4.3
Warranty 1 year warranty
SKU CM012568

Customer questions & answers

Question: Is this 4k only or with 360 lens as per the photo model? Thanks

Answer: It is 4K Only