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HP 750W Hot Swap Power Supply (P/N 512327-B21) | 512327-B21

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HP 750W Hot Swap Power Supply (P/N 512327-B21)

  • Generation: 750Watt
  • Part Number: 512327-B21
  • Model: AC
  • Application: Proliant G6 G7
  • Device Type: Power Supply
  • Input Voltage: 90V to 135V
  • Hot Pluggable: Yes - Common Slot
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    AED 787.50
    HP 750W 12 Volt AC Common Slot Gold High Efficiency (HE) Hot-Plug Power Supply

    Part Number(s)
    Option Part# 512327-B21
    Spare Part# 511778-001
    Assembly Part# 506821-001
    Assembly Part# 506822-001
    Assembly Part# 506822-101
    Assembly Part# 506822-201
    Model# DPS-750RB

    As data protection and high availability have become increasingly important, customers are demanding solid uninterrupted performance. Continuous development and enhancement of high-performance software applications and operating systems is driving the need for continued reliability. HP Proliant customers can be assured that all of their hardware needs will be met, the above issues will be addressed and they will have components manufactured to the highest quality standards and subjected to the most rigorous testing procedures that only genuine components will realize.

    More Information
    Brand Hpe
    Retail Partno 512327-B21
    Condition New
    Condition Details Not given
    Warranty 1 Year
    Equivalent Partno.s Not Given
    Compatibility Not Given
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