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Terms and Conditions

We welcome you to Shopkees.com, the most preferred and reliable eCommerce website in the Middle East.

Like most of the businesses, we have also created a document of terms and conditions that govern all the clients, browsers, and users. If you intend to continue browsing and using the website, you agree to adhere to and be governed by all the terms conditions of usage as postulated. If you do not agree with any parts of the terms and conditions, we urge that you do not use the services as rendered by our website. The continued use, even after the disagreement, states that you chose to adhere to and to be governed by all the terms conditions of usage as postulated.

In the terms, ‘Shopkees.com’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the website’s owner. You can send an email to us at support@shopkees.com if you need to contact us for any concern. It is a promise we don’t talk about that we always return to all types of communications.

Our website’s browser or user is referred to by the term ‘you’.

The following terms of usage govern the website’s use:

  • The content given on the website is only common information and use and is subject to change from time to time without any prior notice.
  • We also, like most other websites, utilize cookies to understand the user’s browsing preferences. By letting us use the cookies, we may store certain minor details regarding your browsing preferences. If you would like to know about the details we store, please send an email to us.
  • Neither do we nor any third parties offer any guarantee or warranty with respect to the completeness, accuracy, performance, timeliness or the suitability of the details and materials given or the services offered in our website for any particular use. You hereby acknowledge such details, information and the materials may include errors or inaccuracies and that we exclude any and all liabilities expressively on the errors or inaccuracies to fullest limit as permitted by the law of the land. This means that you may find occasionally such errors amounting to typographical mistakes even when we work hard to keep that away from happening.
  • It is at your own risk that you use the details, material and the information given on the website and we aren’t liable for the risk. It is on the purview of your responsibility that you ensure that services, products and the information you use through this website meet all your requirements and specifications.
  • Shopkees.com contains materials owned and licensed by us. Such materials include, not limiting to, the design, the layouts, the graphics, appearances and looks. Reproduction of any of these is limited by lay except under the copyright agreement that forms a part of these terms and conditions.
  • Any and all trademarks utilized on the website not claimed by the licensor are acknowledged to us and us alone.
  • Any sort of unauthorized use of Shopkees.com may give birth to claim for various damages and/or an offense criminal in nature.
  • As deemed fit, we may use links to external websites on our website from time to time. These links are used for your convenience and with the intent of making your browsing experience better. Such links do not mean that we endorse those websites or the services we offer. We do not have any accountability for the type of content they have on their website just as you have no responsibility over the content we have on our website.

SHOPKEES TRADING LLC maintains the http://www.shopkees.com/ Website ("Site")

Visa or MasterCard debit and credit cards in AED & SAR will be accepted for payment

We will not trade with or provide any services to OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) and sanctioned countries in accordance with the law of UAE

Our country of domicile is the United Arab of Emirates.

You can find our address as given below;

The website will not provide any services or products to any office of foreign asset control (OFAC) sanctioned countries in accordance with UAE law.

The User Submissions

Anything and everything you submit to the website of Shopkees.com including, not limiting to, the reviews, suggestions, comments and the questions (referred to as ‘Submissions’, collectively) will naturally become the exclusive and sole property of Shopkees.com. They shall not be returned to you, ever. Along with the Submission, when you post reviews, comments and content on the website, you give us the right to use the name in connection with the Submission as we deem fit. You shall not use any pseudo email address, act as if someone else other than yourself, or try to deceive us or any other third parties as the origin of any of the Submissions made. We may, as deemed fit edit or remove the submission but have no obligation to do so.

Electronic Communications

We prefer to communicate with you via email or by posting the details on our website and you agree to that as the preferred mode of communication. You give your consent that all kinds of notices, disclosures, agreements and all other communication that we relay to you electronically satisfy any all legal needs that state the communications must be in writing. We need you to give us your consent to send all the promotional communication at the time of your registration with us. If you choose not to get any email from us, you may click on the unsubscribe button and we shall not send you any promotional emails.

Acceptance and Pricing of the Order

It may happen—very rarely—that your order may not get processed for a range of reasons. We completely reserve the right to cancel or refuse any of the orders for any kind of reason at any point of time.

We shall, if deemed required, ask you to provide any additional information for verification including not limiting to the address, phone number before the order has been accepted.

We work extremely hard to offer the most accurate and customer-friendly pricing information regarding all the products we have on our website. However, we acknowledge that errors may happen even after enough care has been taken to avoid the same. As such, in such an event, we reserve the right to accept of cancel an order. In we came to know that the price of a product has been misquoted—higher or lower—we shall, in our own discretion, contact you for the instructions or outright cancel the order and let you know subsequently of the order. Whether or not your credit card has been charged and the order has been confirmed, we reserve the right to cancel the order.

Minors (users under the age of 18) are not allowed to register with us and transact with us. When you decide to make the payment for your order on our website, all the details you are required to submit will be shared with our payment provider with the help of a secured and protected connection for complete safety. It is important that the card holder must at all times retain a copy of the records of the transaction along with the rules and policies. We take payments online by using both MasterCard and Visa credit/debit card in the AED.

Cancellations of the Order by the Customer

In the event we receive a cancellation request before the order has been approved or processed by us, we shall honor your request to cancel the same and refund the full amount. Those orders once processed cannot be cancelled by us as you can understand. We completely reserve the right to decide if an order has been placed or not. The customer agrees that she/he shall not dispute over the same and abide by the decisions taken by us regarding the process of cancellation.

The Policy Governing Product Exchange & Returns

Return or exchange of the products is only possible within the first three days of the date of delivery according to the terms given herein. All requests for exchange and returns must be accompanied with the original invoice or the warranty card.
Exchange or Returns shall not be applicable to such products falling to the categories as;

  • Toners and Cartridges
  • Softwares
  • Etc

Refunds shall never be processed as cash or credit card refunds. All refunds must take the form of credit memo or credit vouchers which will have a validity of six months to be redeemed.
All of the terms and conditions given shall always be governed by and created under the backdrop of the laws current in the UAE and as applicable in its respective emirates.

The Terms & Conditions Pertaining to Warranty

  • The warranty of the products starts from the date of the invoice up to a period of one year, unless other specified or stated.
  • If you find the product to be damaged or requiring any kind of repair, the standard conditions of the warranty as given by the manufacturer shall be applicable. You can agree upon the collection of the product and the delivery of the same by talking to our customer service which can be contacted via email or phone.
  • We are only the facilitator of the services and all the responsibilities for various warranty services rests fully on the manufacturer/brand/distributor.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the warranty is limited to the boarders of the UAE.
  • In cases when a product is deemed by the customer to be DOA (Dead on Arrival or out of the box failure, it will be determined by the concerned service provider/center if the product needs to be replaced or a repair would suffice.

Amendments to the User Agreement

We shall from time to time amend the terms and conditions as deemed fit by us and that we shall make the necessary endeavors to communicate the changes to the User Agreement that increases your duties and decreases the rights you hold. You give us your consent and acknowledge that we, as deemed fit and required, make amendments to the terms and conditions effective immediately by posting the notice on the update on the website.

Applicable Law and the Jurisdiction

Governing Low and Jurisdiction, Any Purchase, Dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this website shall be governed and construed in accordance with the lows of the UAE

All these terms and conditions given here may be understood, comprehended and interpreted in the light of the lays existing at the time in Dubai, UAE. Governed by the arbitrary section as given below, all the parties involved agrees to the jurisdiction of the courts of Dubai and set aside any kind of objections arising as to the venue of arbitration.


All types of disputes, claims or controversies concerning or arising from the Terms and Condition shall be referred to and settled with a confidential and private arbitration in front of a single arbitrator in Dubai, UAE and it shall be in English. The same will be governed and mandated by the scope of the Dubai law and the purview of the Rules of Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration of 1994 (Dubai), as may be replaced, re-enacted or amended, as needed from time to time. The arbitrator must be a third party independent of both the disputing parties and a trained professional in the legal matters and experienced in the field of information technology in Dubai. Through the courts, we reserve the right to seek to protect our intellectual property rights and any classified information via any equitable relief or injunctive methods.