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4 Items

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Laptop Batteries

Power Your Laptop With Long Lasting Batteries
Batteries are an integral part of your laptop. Most laptops use the lithium-style battery which is directly soldered either to the motherboard or the primary circuit board.Generally, laptop batteries last for about 2 to 10 years. Some factors which affect the battery’s lifespan are the length of time the laptop is in power off mode, the temperature of the environment, and the type of motherboard.

We have the following batteries available at the best price.

HP Laptop Battery --- Starts from 99AED

Lenovo Laptop Battery--- Starts from 95AED

Dell Laptop Battery--- Starts from  110 AED

Acer Laptop Battery--- Starts from  95 AED

Asus Laptop Battery --- Starts from  105 AED

Toshiba Laptop Battery-- Starts from  29AED

Samsung Laptop Battery ----Starts from  29AED

Sony Laptop Battery ----Starts from  29AED

Battery price may change depends on the Model

Laptop Charger/Adapter

Your laptop is powered by the Lithium-ion battery.

In case your battery isn’t getting charged, or you need to hold the cable to ensure proper charging, you probably need to buy laptop adapters. A laptop adapter is an essential computer accessory that is necessary to keep your laptop running.If you decide to change the original adapter, you can either go to the system vendor or opt for a third party-manufactured adapter. In case you decide to give the laptop vendor a miss, make sure that that the adapter is compatible with your laptop, especially with respect to the power specs and input/output voltage.

HP Laptop Charger---- Starts from 29AED

Lenovo Laptop Charger---- Starts from 29AED

Dell Laptop Charger- --- Starts from  29AED

Acer Laptop Charger- --- Starts from  29AED

Asus Laptop Charger-- Starts from  29AED

Toshiba Laptop Charger-- Starts from  29AED

Samsung Laptop Charger ----Starts from  29AED

Sony Laptop Charger ----Starts from  29AED

Laptop Screen Replacement

You can now buy durable replacement screens from The screens of your laptop are quite sensitive and susceptible to damage. You can easily find replacement screens for your damaged laptop at Shop online for high quality replacement screens from our varied collection from reputed brands such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony and many more. These laptop screens are designed to fit laptops with screens measuring from 13.3” to 15.6”. You can find replacement screens for laptops from Dell Inspiron, Apple Mac, HP Elitebook, HP Probook, Acer Aspire etc. These laptop replacement screens are of high quality and promise durability. There are available in different price ranges and you can easily choose the ideal replacement screen for yourself as per your budget and preference. In addition, you can buy branded replacement screens online for your laptop with discounts from So go ahead and buy replacement screens at incredible prices by availing special discounts from

HP Laptop Screen Replacement--- Starts from 149AED

Lenovo Screen Replacement--- Starts from 149AED

Dell Screen Replacement--- Starts from  149AED

Acer Screen Replacement--- Starts from  149AED

Asus Screen Replacement --- Starts from  149AED

Toshiba Screen Replacement-- Starts from  149AED

Samsung Screen Replacement ----Starts from  149AED

Sony Screen Replacement ----Starts from  149AED