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What's new

  • The new Battery Backup Unit provides 750W of power for 60 seconds during a power glitch and has an external cable allowing daisy chained for paralleled connection
  • Launching 800W Flex Slot power supply with 96% efficiency, 80PLUS Titanium certified
  • Enabling -48VDC input option in Flex Slot form factor
  • 800W universal Flex Slot power supply enables both 277VAC and 380VDC input options
  • Features

    Improve Data Center Efficiency Without Impacting IT Performance

    HP Flexible Slot Power Supplies provide up to 96% power efficiency with 80Plus Platinum-certified power supplies that lower server power requirements and reduce power waste in your data center.


Model NumberACCSERSMPHP008
Type Power Supply
Weight 1.60 kg
Warranty 1 year warranty