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Q .   Where I can check my rewards points?

A .   your reward points will be shown at the top section of the reward page.

Q .   How can I earn my rewards points?

A .   You can earn rewards points for every purchase you make. Points are awarded for the items purchased.(reward points are not valid for guest orders)

Q .   What should I do to claim my points?

A .   You can use your points during checkout.Depending on the currency where you purchase, you will receive the money equivalent to 1 AED for every 100 points.(You can claim 10% of your cart value)

Q .   What is the validity of reward points?

A .   There is no validity for reward points

Q .   When will the Reward Points be credited?

A .  After purchase, reward points will be credited immediately. The product will not be available for use until it is delivered.

Q .   If some items in an order are cancelled, what happens to the reward points?

A .  The points will be cancelled automatically if an item is cancelled

Q .   Once Reward point used for reward redemptions be refunded?

A .  No. Once Rewards are bought, they can’t be cancelled or returned.