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iOS 17 - The Gamechanger Update Is Released To Rock!

The recent release of iOS 17 introduces the most significant updates on iPhone. The updates include high-performing communication apps, quick sharing AirDrop, intelligent packed text input, and the all-new unbelievable experiences with Journal and StandBy apps. The update is packed with a bundle of exciting features ‌iPhone users have been ever waiting for.

The major OS release brings in more advancements across FaceTime, Phone, and Messages. Through this brilliant update, ‌users can expect quick and easier sharing via AirDrop. Also, ‌autocorrection is now much better. Intelligent input boosts ‌accuracy in typing and enhances your typing speed. Also, iOS 17 features a great user experience with the Journal and StandBy applications, as they are used by many to practice gratitude and view glanceable information. ‌The senior vice president of Software Engineering at Apple, Mr. Craig Federighi is very much confident in this new OS update. His words showcase the team's pride in releasing such a feature-packed OS that every iPhone user will love.

Now, let’s dive deep into the major iOS 17 upgrades

Apple iPhone iOS 17 Key Upgrades And Features


The advanced Phone app


The Phone app is an iPhone application that allows users to manage calls with ease. This is one of the central apps on the iPhone. The recent update brings a positive impact on the Phone app with more personalized Contact Posters. This app upgradation opens a new door to express users perfectly. This upgrade is all that you need to add a new look to the incoming calls. You can now have well-treated photos, typography, Memoji, and highly amazing font colors.

FaceTime App with Audio, Video, and upgrade to Apple TV


FaceTime is an application that helps people stay connected with their loved ones. This app now supports audio and video messages. This upgrade helps people enjoy the moments they don’t wish to miss. How? You can share the message with your friends and family if they are currently not available. The message you send can be enjoyed later by the recipients. The new effects such as balloons, hearts, etc can now be activated through simple gestures. ‌FaceTime now extends to Apple TV 4K. The Continuity Camera in the upgraded OS supports users to make video calls directly from Apple TV.

Live Voicemail


Upgraded live voicemail helps you get instantly notified with real-time transcription. This enables you to pick up the voice mail right at the time a caller is leaving a message. Thanks to the Neural Engine which acts great on spam. The spam notifications automatically decline and never appear to disturb you.

Message Updates


New excellent ‌emoji stickers take your messaging to the next level. You can now even create live stickers that add life to your messages. This helps you get on track with an all-new way of communication. The expandable menu option with the search filters helps you add additional features to your messages. The Check In option helps you to notify your family and friends about your safe reach at the destination.

Journal For Life’s Special Moments


This new app helps you practice gratitude through journaling. You can use this app to journal about your positive experiences and then reflect on them to discover new ways to be grateful. The journal entry will help you create a journaling habit that helps enhance your wellbeing. The Journal safeguards a user’s privacy and ensures that no one, including Apple, has access to your specific entries.

More Intelligent Autocorrect and Dictation


Word prediction and autocorrection in the latest iOS 17 improve the accuracy of each word you type. The refreshed design ensures a great environment for better typing and automatically fixes grammatical mistakes. The suggested predictive text helps you complete the sentence with all its perfection. Dictation leverages, the latest speech recognition model and adds high accuracy to your messages.

More comfortable sharing via AirDrop and NameDrop


The iOS 7 update adds a new definition for sharing files via AirDrop and NameDrop. NameDrop helps you share contact information by just keeping iPhones together or bringing Apple Watch and iPhone closer. By following this manner, you can now hit ‌SharePlay, enjoy games, or watch a movie.

StandBy Displays For Glanceable Information


StandBy Displays in iOS 17 upgradation provides glanceable information to users. This is designed to view the glanceable information even from a distance while charging. The updated StandBy Display is perfect for almost all personalized ranges and makes the iPhone more useful even at a distance. The StandBy is easy to bring up at any preferred time by just tapping on the screen.

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