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Threads - The All-New App Powered & Owned By Meta Platforms

Threads is a new application built and launched by the Instagram team of experts for sharing texts and engaging in conversations more easily.

Meta, which owns Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook, launched the new Threads app targeting social media users inquisitively looking for a perfect alternative for so far used platforms. The app is completely free to download and is available on both Android and iOS. Recent reports show that the Threads app is marking a face-to-face challenge to the renowned social media platform, Twitter, owned by ‌billionaire Elon Musk. 

The Threads app got unveiled on 5th July 2023, Wednesday. The Thread is a text-based version of the popular Instagram app, which is Meta’s top photo-sharing application. For the newly launched app, Meta's breakthrough technology promises to change the way users interact with real-time updates and public conversations. By providing a new space where they can explore and interact, the application opens up a new way that is never experienced before.

The Threads app went viral within minutes of its midnight launch on Wednesday in the United Kingdom and more than hundreds of countries across the globe, including Australia, Canada, the United States, Britain, and Japan. The app reached around 80 million users within the first 48 hours of its release.

The majority of users share that the latest application from Meta delivers a great new experience, which is a step ahead of Twitter. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, Threads seems to be the go-to app for Twitter users looking to expand their reach and engage with the entire world. 

To login into Threads, ‌users need to have an Instagram account that helps with quick sign-up. The all-new app allows you to follow the same people you have on your Instagram. The app also allows you to connect with ‌new friends who are already using Threads. The post you share on Threads can only be up to 500 characters, and the videos are supported for up to 5 minutes. It is important to note that Threads users will not be able to delete their Threads account unless the associated Instagram account is also deleted. 

Like Instagram, Threads takes proactive measures to keep users safe and compliant by enforcing Instagram's community guidelines. The application has comprehensive tools that help users control actions like mentioning and replying to posts. Also, you can choose whether to keep your Threads profile public or private. 

Threads with a similar interface to Twitter help users interact with all visible posts. It’s easy for Thread users to locate and connect with other Threads users. As said, logging in using the same Instagram account makes you feel at home. Users can easily share the Threads post on the linked Instagram account, or users can easily share the post as a link on any other social media platform of their choice. 

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder, chair, and chief executive officer of Meta, opened up his words that the new application keenly focuses on creating a friendly place for its users, and he strongly believes that this is the key factor that will contribute to the success of Threads. He points out ‌the fact that Twitter still never succeeds at this point, and this made him ‌think differently and create a new potential application. 

So far, even though Threads has no huge advertisement support, it has already stolen the hearts of millions of people and seems to be actively used by many. The founder of Threads is happy to share that the team is still working on adjustments and improvements to this new app. Currently, it lacks the trending hashtag feature and fails to post GIFs. They're going full steam ahead at a rapid pace to overcome these shortcomings. Users can rest assured that they will be getting an even better experience with the new app in the coming days.


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